[USS Bismarck][PLOT LOG] SD241809.08 | ‘Once More Unto the Horizon’ – USS Bismarck, Season 1 Episode 1

Nixon (September 8, 2018 9:54 am): OOC:
Think of Bismarck’s interior looking more of Voyager’s colour scheme. The bridge follows the standard Galaxy Class layout, with the addition of 2 sunken work stations on either side (again, think B’Lannas and Wildman’s consoles on Voyager’d Bridge.
The day was finally upon them. The refitted Galaxy Class, USS Bismarck, NCC 81513 was ready to set sail once more. The Corps of Engineers had complete their handover checklist, and command of the USS Bismarck was officially handed over to Captain Enfield Carta in a subtle ceremony in the ships, yet to titled, lounge located in Ten-Forward.
=/= Bridge, Deck 1, USS Bismarck =/=
There had been some physical changes to the layout of the bridge. Again, more function over decoration in the eyes of the Captain. The peach carpet had been replaced with a charcoal grey version and the walls no longer a magnolia, but stripped back to the bulkhead. Less decorative, more functional. The Tactical console behind the command chairs no longer made from mahogany but a thick piece of a greyish steel like metal. Where cushioned wall panels once lined either side of the bridge, they had been replaced by a sunken a 3 foot deep bay containing, a mission customisable holo-console. The default setting for the port side was Science, and Starboard engineering. The centre seats, usually reserved for the command team and invited guests had been raised a few inches of the ground to provide higher position for the Captain and their executive officer to conduct business from.
The senior crew, manning their stations, gathered on the bridge for the momentous occasion, that had been some 24 months in the making.
“Well,” Carta rounded the path from the Turbolift, down the incline and stopped between the Operations Console and Flight Control, taking a glance at the visual of the inside of the Starbase on the view screen. He pulled down on his uniform jacket, Maybe I need to go up a size, he thought. Turning to face the gathered crew, “Well, Let’s go, shall we?”
He nodded to the crew, and took his place in the central chair, flanked by the Executive Officer and the ship’s Chief Medical Officer on either side.
“Operations, contact the Dockmaster, request clearance to depart.” The aye aye from the Operations console, was followed by a number of taps from their console.
“Commander Oliver, would you mind contacting the Endurance and tell them we will revendvous with them in 30 minutes? Lieutenant Commander Sky, power up the engines, and prepare to take us to warp.”
The bridge was alive with people busy doing their jobs, a sight that had not been seen on his very bridge for a number of years.
The operations officer spun in his chair, “Sir, we have received permission to depart. Preparing to detach umbilicals.” He was followed up by the helm officer, “Exit course plotted Sir.”
“Alright, Take us out.” He nodded, swinging his forearm down from a 90 degree angle ending with a point on his forefinger towards the view screen.
“Ms Mariss, once Lt. Commander Sky’s team has got your equipment installed, if you could begin preparing for the tracking of the Endurance – continuous scans from our first contact to the completion of stage 1.” He glanced over the to the Chief Science officer with a smile.
The Senior Staff one by one reported in with affirmative, confirming that the ships’ systems where operating at peak efficiency a fact that made Carta happy, however he was fairly expecting a number of teething problems to appear.
As the Bismarck pushed off from it’s berth inside Starbase Horizon, the RCS thrusters edged it closer and closer to the main bay doors. The Helmsman, in conjunction with the engineering team expertly controlled the systems to ensure a smooth manual flight. What was the point in flying a starship if you couldn’t do it by hand, right? Everyone else where merely just passengers at this point.
The Galaxy Class cruiser breached the shell of Horizon’s internal bays and entered into open space for the first time in 2 years, it’s grey ablative plating reflecting back the lights of the station it once called home. The further she distanced herself, the Bismarck gathered pace. Now cruising at full impulse, she made a graceful 75 degree swooping turn and pointed herself towards the first destination on their adventure, the rendezvous with the Century class, USS Endurance.
It took all of 120 seconds for the ship to reach Horizon’s outer perimeter, passed the tachyon detection grid that acted as Horizon’s early warning feature and with a pulsating blue glow from the fore to the aft of the nacelles, the ship squeezed itself and stretched itself out as it’s warp field was manipulated. With an auditory silent, but visually stimulating pop, she jumped to light speed with a blue flash.
Finally, the USS Bismarck was in open space again, and the crew’s adventures where just about to begin.
To the Journey.