USS Bismarck-A

Some might find it odd to introduce the history of the USS Bismarck with that of the USS Ticonderoga, but it is with purpose. The Ticonderoga was one of the finest vessels with one of the finest crews to ever serve in Starfleet.

After the Ticonderoga was lost at the Battle of Sirhaenn IV, the crew was given an even greater challenge… to continue their excellent service to Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. On Stardate 239809.27, the USS Bismarck was commissioned and the crew that once belonged to the Ticonderoga continued it’s legacy.

USS Bismarck
239808.14 Unofficial launch from Utopia Planetia Shipyards, Mars. Relocated to Alpha Prime for completion of tactical systems.
239809.27 Official launch from the UCIP Superstation under Commander Thomas Spartan. Core of the Bismarck staff consists of those officers from the USS Ticonderoga.Rushed into service, leaving spacedock without having her scientific facilities fully installed, the USS Bismarck recieves her “Trial Under Fire” when she rescues her torpedo-complement from the convoy under Romulan attack.
239810.04 At Starbase 235, USS Bismarck gathers with Starfleet’s “Task Force Beta” under the lead ship USS Andromeda.50 Federation starships engage Romulan forces in the Hiro system. After the battle, the Task Force splits up and USS Bismarck leads 24 ships back to Federation space.
239810.18 Finishing the job of an SSS Squad that was lost in action, the USS Bismarck officers board a Romulan-controlled Regula-class station to confirm rumors of metagenic weapons being developed there.An accident on the station caused the crew and Romulan staff to be infected with the metagenics. After providing a cure the scientists agree on dismantling the metagentic weaponry. Task Force Beta returns to Federation space and learns Vulcan has fallen to the Romulans.
239810.28 At Alpha Centauri, USS Bismarck and Task Force Beta join up with the 6th Fleet under Commodore Taddy Mitchell on USS Excalibur, which has been assembled as Vulcan’s Relief Force.Among the leading ships in this fleet are USS Bismarck, USS Valiant, USS Magellan, USS Intrepid and SSS Firehawk.
239811.08 Diverting from their assignment at Alpha Centauri, USS Magellan, SSS Firehawk and USS Bismarck come to the aid of a crippled USS Enterprise, commanded by VAdm Magdiarz.Their mission successful… the USS Enterprise is saved.
239811.29 The 6th Fleet, now at 40 Eridani engages the Romulan 21st Attack Squandron.250 Federation starships clash with 300 Romulan ships over Vulcan successfully paving the way towards liberating the planet. Among the participating vessels are USS Bismarck, USS Intrepid, USS Enterprise, USS Andromeda, USS Magellan, USS April, USS Melbourne, USS Valiant, USS Eclipse, USS Vindicator, USS Whitestar and SSS Firehawk.
239812.19 Returning to 40 Eridani after receiving repairs and installement of full scientific facilities at Utopia Planitia, USS Bismarck hosts the signing of a Peace Treaty between the Federation, the Romulan Star Empire and the United Kingdom of Agarda.The signing ceremony is disturbed by 3 Starfleet officers, posing as Romulan diplomats. Their attenpt to assassinate the representatives of the 3 parties is thwarted… peace was signed.
Gamma Quadrant Campaigns
Ferengi/Ka’Leigh Trade Negotiations
239812.27 Ordered to Ferenginar, USS Bismarck and her crew are assigned to escort a Ferengi dignitary to Valara in the Gamma Quadrant and establish trade negotiations between Ferengi and Ka’Leigh.
239901.03 Entering the Gamma Quadrant through the Bajoran Wormhole, USS Bismarck encounters a “Subspace Quicksand” on her way to the New Eden system. The crew employ an Artificial Quantum Singularity, salvaged at 40 Eridani earlier, to clear the ship from the phenomenon.
239901.24 Providing the Ka’Leigh and Ferengi with a compromise for their dispute regarding financial compensation and territory, USS Bismarck surveys the planet Iru III. Severely violating the Prime Directive, a Bismarck away team establishes contact with an Iru III native race, all surveys on the surface are being suspended.
239901.31 A Ferengi D’Kora class Marauder arrives at the Iru system on authority of the Federation Council. Their orders are to acknowledge the suitability of the Iru system for an orbital trade outpost. USS Bismarck escorts the Marauder to ensure a stricter application of the Prime Directive since the violation one week earlier by a Bismarck Away Team.
239902.07 The Ferengi, with the assistance of USS Bismarck Engineers, initiate the assembly of their Trading Outpost in orbit of Iru III. Basic components have been assembled, provisional energy grid has been brought online.
Federation/Dominion Skirmish
239902.21 On routine inspection of merchant freighters returning to the Gamma Quadrant, an away team is captured by the crew of a Xepolite vessel. The situation resolved, both crew and freighter were dropped off at Deep Space 9 for further investigation.
239902.28 Rushing to the planet Pencerrd, USS Bismarck comes to the aid of USS Valiant under the threat of a small Jem’Hadar fleet. Both ships escape after Bismarck bluffs having a heavy graviton weapon.
239910.03 The USS Bismarck was ordered to join a Task Force against a rebel Starfleet faction. In true Bismarck fasion, she inflicted a major blow that was the key to the eventual victory.
The Borg Re-Emergence
239910.03 The Bismarck detected a damage Borg sphere and went in to investigate. The sphere opened fire on the bismarck inflicing heavy damage. An away team was sent to the sphere and were captured. The sphere was infiltrated and the officers rescued…the sphere then escaped through a transwarp conduit.
239910.23 The Bismarck joined in the fleetwide emergency along with the USS Sentinel and USS Challenger to defend against…the Borg. A single Borg cube entered federation space and decimated the fleet of 50 vessels. When that tragic battle finished only the Bismarck and four other vessels gave chase…
240001.30 Under directions of Captain Spartan on the USS Ranger the remains of the fleet caused much damage…then..a suprise squadron of new Romulan vessels joined us and was able to destroy the Borg…
Ulnan/Efrelian Campaigns
240002.27 Heading up the fleet of 5 other vessels the Bismarck headed to the Ulnan border to be met by their first wave of vessels. Making a tactical decision to separate the bismarck the two experienced crews utilised all advantages and showed the Ulnans who they were dealing with…unfortunately mounting odds drove our fleet to return to Avalon with the crew of the USS Saratoga onboard.
240003.12 Bismarck joined the second fleet to engage the Ulnan fleet. A fierce battle insued but the Bismarck marched on till the end causing impressive damage to the enemy. Then a suprise retreat from the Ulnans into Efrailian territor left the Bismarck to return to Avalon for much needed repair and re-supply.
While escorting USS Saratoga survivors to Starbase 114 a group of terrorists created a devious plot to capture the USS Starchaser from SB2. Using a damaged federation freighter to lure us the terrorists used a sophisticated energy supression field to completely shut down ALL Bismarck systems. They were then able to gain entry to the shuttlebay and the Starchaser. Their attempts to steal the ship failed and the Bismarck resumed corse to SB114.
240004.09 Federation listening posts discovered a piece of advanced technolgy was located on a planet with a pre-industrialised civilisation. the Bismarck was ordered to find it and get it out of there. On the planet the Away team mascaraded as the locals and found that the people were worshiping the device as holy icon. It was discovered to be a Metagenic weapon. The Away team was able to beam away the device and replace it with a replica, trying to limit the damage to the Takarians.